Tenga Easy Beat Egg Masturbator Silky Style

  • $30.00

* Lubrication included!
* Reusable
* Discreet and disposable
* Discreet, easy to carry case; Super-stretchable expands drastically for a snug fit regardless of your size
* Advanced one-size-fits-all, easy-to-use disposable male Masturbator
* 6 different varieties each with different internal structures for a variety of great experiences
* Water-based lubricant lotion included in each Egg; one-use only; Made in Japan

Product Dimensions: 4.75 x 6.75 x 3.0 in
Weight: 0.65 lb

The Tenga Egg male masturbatory fits within its discreet, easy to carry case, expands drastically for a snug fit, regardless of your size. Water-based lubricant lotion included; one-use only; Made in Japan.