Wet Lubes Wet Flavored Tropical Explosion

  • $22.00

Product Description

wet watermelon, fruit punch, popp'n cherry, strawberry, tropical explosion flavored lube

With all of the benefits of our now paraben-free Wet Original water based lube, Wet Flavored lubricants taste like real fruit with no bitter aftertaste. They are silky smooth, sugar-free, colorless, non-staining, and latex friendly. Pour them on for a tasty treat! Feels Delicious!

No! There is no actual fruit in the lubricant only flavors that makes our lubricant taste like the real thing.

How to Use:

Delicious flavored lubricants are a fun way to introduce oral sex to a partner who might be a little hesitant. For the best possible experience, make sure it is a great tasting formula like Wet Passion Punch. Put small drops of different flavors of Wet Flavored Personal Lubricant over your different erogenous zones and invite your lover to discover them one by one.